Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Long Run

Today was probably the best long run I've had in a while. After some stomach early stomach problems which necessitated 2 bathroom breaks, everything came together. I ran 14 miles in Saddle River County Park. Temps were in the low 40s and the skies were cloudy. The main thing I tried to focus on staying relaxed in the upper body. This is something that Pacer Brad, from my Wednesday Night Speed Sessions, is always trying to reinforce. Saddle River County Park does not have the drastic changes in elevation that last week's run had.

I covered the 14.15 (according to MotionBased) in 1:55:35 for a 8:10/mile pace. I ran the last miles in 7:59 and felt like I had a lot left in the tank. Thank you Nike Pacers! Splits and other run details can be found here: 14 in Saddle River County Park.

Have a great week of running.

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Anonymous said...

Its always encouraging to have a successful long run so late in training. Congrats!