Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Like Scotch

That's right, Coach Jeff compared swimming to scotch. No, swimming does not have hints of vanilla, leather, and blackberries. Rather, swimming, like scotch, is an acquired taste.

By way of background, this whole conversation started when I asked Coach some questions about bike trainers. He got all excited, hoping that I was ready to make the transition to triathlon. I told him not so fast! My first multi-sport event will be a duathlon not a triathlon. I went on to explain that I love running and I see myself loving cycling. But swimming, not so much. I just don't see myself ever loving swimming. Coach and others argue that the swim leg of a triathlon is over the fastest so you really don't have to love it, you just have to get it done. I disagree, the reason why I stick with running and picked up cycling is because I love them. If I don't enjoy something, I don't stick with it. On a more practical level, I don't have an affordable pool nearby and I would have to shell out some cash for swim lessons.

So instead of comparing swimming to scotch by saying both are acquired tastes, I'll offer a different comparison. Swimming, like scotch, gets better with age. Maybe as I get older I'll learn to like swimming but right now it's too young to taste.