Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Way Fantasy Baseball is Like Running

The other night I was on the subway, reading my fantasy baseball magazine and the next thing I know, 2 complete strangers approach me at ask me when my draft is (it's this coming Tuesday). For the duration of the ride we talked about sleepers, which pitchers we like, which resources we use (other than magazines), etc... We parted ways at our respective stops, wished each other good luck, probably never to see each other again.

As runners, this has happens as well. We're lined up for a race and out of the blue we find ourselves striking up conversations with complete strangers. We wish each other good luck, run our race and go home. Chances are slim that we'll that runner standing next to us at a future race.

Isn't great how hobbies have this way of bringing together total strangers?

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Anonymous said...

Only if you like talking to strangers.