Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Running as a Calming Factor

Both my wife and I are busy people. We both have full-time jobs, she is the president of our synagogue Sisterhood, I am the president of the synagogue Men's Club, and we have a 7 year daughter who we have to shuttle to playdates, hip-hop dance, and do homework with. This time of year is very busy on the Jewish calender. The festival of Purim is next Monday night and Tuesday. It is a joyous holiday. In some ways it is very similar to Halloween. People dress up in costume and exchange treats with the their friends. Part of my wife's responsibilities as president of the Sisterhood is to pack and distribute these treat packages to every member family it is a very stressful time for her. As for me, Passover is coming up which means I need to oversee the Men's Club wine (kosher only) sale and tasting. It is required to drink 4 cups of wine at the Passover seder, so the synagogue works with a local wine shop and sells wine as a synagogue fundraiser.

The other day my wife asked me how is that I am so calm about everything that's going my life. I answered that I release my stress through my running. Running is the only time I truly have to myself. It's just me, the road, and my thoughts. No work deadlines, to synagogue politics to worry about, etc.... If I'm having a stressful day I'll run harder or longer. I come back from runs with a clear head ready to tackle the day's challenges.

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