Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Session - 1/14/09

Tonight was week 2 of the RUNNYC Wednesday night speed series at Paragon. I was looking forward to the workout despite temperatures around 20 degrees. The original workout was supposed to be 6 800m repeats on the 6th St. track. Coach Kate told us that the track was iced over so plan B was to run down to the West Side running path for a Fartlek workout. I've spoked about Fartleks before but just to refresh everyone's memory...Fartlek is Sweedish for "speed play." The basic concept behind the workout is you run faster for a pre-determined amount of time during your run.

We warmed up by running from Paragon to the West Side, about 1 mile. After a short regroup, we started the workout. I ran with coach Kate who led the 7:30/mile (5k pace) group. We ran a little faster than our 10k pace and then on her mark we picked up the pace for 3 minutes.

All in all we did 6 fartleks and ran 6.79 miles in 57 minutes (about an 8:23 pace). That time includes the warmup to the West Side and the cooldown back to Paragon. Here is the route we ran (courtesy of
I'm really liking this new group. For now, it's much smaller, the runners are friendlier, and I think there are more pacers/coaches. I will be missing next week's session because I will be on vacation. More on that (hopefully) before I leave.

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