Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Idea?

I just realized that the 2 races I'm considering running are on consecutive Sundays. The Prospect Park Track Club 10 Mile is on Feb. 22 and the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon is on March 1. Is running road races in consecutive weekends a good idea? I know that Rundangerously runs races just about every weekend. I don't have to run both at full effort. I can treat one race as a training run and go all out on the other. I'm told that Prospect Park is a tough place to run, so maybe I'll run the 10 mile at training pace and go all out on the half. Anyone care to comment?


Anonymous said...

I find that I can race every weekend. I tend not too because they take a long time away from home, and because of the cost. If there were 2 races in back-to-back weekends that I really wanted to run, I would absolutely not hesitate, even at those distances.

You may just want to cut the intensity and number of runs in between.

Ashland Dave said...

Go for it! Why not? You only get one chance in this life. Plus, if you've paid the money then you have to do it! :)