Sunday, July 18, 2010

More of the Same

Today was another hazy, hot, and humid summer day in the Tri-State Area. Temperatures at 6:00 a.m. were in the low 70s but with the heat index it felt like 85. I ran the same route I last week, an out and back to the Oradell Reservoir. This time, I kept things slow and, instead of focusing on pace, I focused on good form. This strategy helped but I still felt deflated at the end. Even several hours after the run, I felt woozy and sluggish.

Someone on Facebook asked why I don't just run on a treadmill inside where it's air conditioned. 1) I don't have one at home, 2) I do belong to a gym but there's no way they'd allow me to hoard a treadmill for hours, and 3) I'm not sure what's worse, running long outside in the heat or on the treadmill where the only thing to look at a TV screen showing the same episode of SportsCenter over and over. 

What bothers me more is that this extreme heat is affecting family plans. We talked about going to Governor's Island or the Bronx Zoo but when we heard that a heat advisory was in effect all day, we scrapped those plans and Mrs. and Lil Ansky went bowling. We didn't think it was good idea to be walking around outside for several hours in the heat.

I've had enough!

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