Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book Review: "Running Dark" by Jamie Freveletti

"Running Dark" reunites us with Emma Caldridge, the ultra-runner/chemist, whom we first met in "Running From the Devil." The action starts on the very first page when a bomb goes off while Ms. Caldridge is running South Africa's Commrades Marathon. In the ensuing mayhem, Emma is injected with some sort of wonder drug that boosts her endurance and allows her to finish the 56 mile race without the least bit of fatigue.

In the ensuing pages, an intricate tale involving Washington power brokers and a cruise ship under siege by Somali Pirates is woven. My hangup from Ms. Freveletti's first novel, "Running from the Devil" was that I felt many of the scenes were repetitious and far fetched. Every time Ms. Caldridge found herself in danger she was able to use her knowledge of botany and chemistry to narrowly escape.

Clearly Ms. Freveletti has matured as an author. "Running Dark" is well written and suspenseful. Ms. Caldridge's chemistry background is featured once at the climax of the book. I definitely recommend picking up a copy of "Running Dark." You will not be disappointed.

Special thanks to TK for providing me a copy of the book to read and review.  

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