Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Healthcare Nightmare

Those are the words Mrs. Ansky used to describe someone she saw at Sandy Hook Beach on Tuesday. For some reason I did not see her but Mrs. Ansky mentioned to me on the way home that she saw a morbidly obese (again, her words) woman with a cigarette in one hand and a regular Coke in the other. She also mentioned that her boyfriend, who was overweight but not obese, lit the cigarette for her.

 Mrs. Ansky, who is a Registered Dietitian in a nursing an rehabilitation facility, and I can't imagine how much money and time it would take the healthcare system to treat this woman because of the poor choices she is making. What goes through this woman's head when she looks in the mirror every morning? Does she care that she's out of breath before she leaves the house each morning? What do her parents and boyfriend think?

Way too many people are "forced" to get healthy after a potentially life threatening medical situation. I have a work colleague that was "forced" to get healthy only after needing stents to clear out clogged arteries. Thankfully, he stopped smoking, is now eating healthy and exercising. I can't help but ask myself if he would have made those choices if stents were not needed. I can only hope that this woman from the beach decides to get healthy on her own before some life threatening condition forces her to.

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