Thursday, October 15, 2009

On My Way Back (Slowly)

I decided that yesterday was going to be the day I would try to do some light running. It's been a month since my injury and I haven't felt any pain in my ribs for about 10 days. The plan was to spend a few days on the treadmill at the gym before venturing back outside to the pavement. I set the treadmill to an easy 9:00 pace and my comeback was under way. I mainly focused on my breathing and if the pounding on the treadmill (albeit softer than pavement) would cause any pain. During the run, my breathing was not labored. I did feel out shape but I expected that after not running for a month. The good news is, I didn't feel any pain in my ribs. I ran 3 miles in 27:00.

Today I felt a little better. I did 5k on the treadmill in 27:49 for an 8:58 pace. I know it's going to take a while for my speed and endurance to come back. Honestly, I'm not in any rush. I have no lofty goals for my 3 5ks in Novemeber. I'm just going out there, have fun, and enjoy being with my fellow runners again. The next few months will  be all about base building so I'll be in good shape when spring marathon training kicks off some time next year.

Thanks to everyone for keeping me positive while I wasn't running. It's good to be back.

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