Friday, October 16, 2009

Guest Race Report: Trea's Salonpas Half Marathon

Congrats to Trea who ran the Salonpas Half Marathon in Melbourne, Australia last Sunday. This was Trea's first half marathon and she KILLED IT!. Trea ran a 2:00:45 and on top of that, negative split. For those who follow Trea on Facebook and/or Twitter or heard Brandon read her e-mails on his show, you'll know that she was very nervous about this race. Congrats again Trea, we're all thrilled for you. And without further adieu, here is Trea's race report.
Leading up to my race I had read and heard so much on core strength, so I had doubled my sit ups and sit ups with twists. A few days before the race I realized that the pain in my hips was from the twist sit ups (Hands behind head elbows to each knee.) I stopped them for the last few days and bingo the pain was gone.

Morning of the race I had to walk 30min to get to the start area nice warm up for the legs. The day was sunny and windless just perfect.

After downing a Gu the Gun went off …12min later I crossed the start line. “I was on my way”. My mind from the start was focused on all I had been told and learned over the past 6 months. I started with a slow pace and was going to hold that for 35min then walk for awhile then run/walk the rest of the way. My coach at track said this was the best way to get myself to the finish line. Within the first 5klm everyone around me was passing me, it was a terrible feeling. It was like I was the slowest runner in the race. But by the time I got to the 6klm mark I was passing so many people it felt so awesome. It actually made me feel so strong I just put my shoulders back and moved more forward onto my forefoot and kept running.

A few nice girls had talked to me along the way which made me feel not so alone. Before the halfway mark the leader, a Ethiopian runner, was on his way back to the finish line. WOW to be that close to him he was just the other side of the road it’s hard to explain what a beautiful motion a real expert in flight. Cool Stuff! Just the motivation I needed at that point. I had a Gu with me I had half at the 15klm mark and left half just incase they had run out at the next water stop,and yes that was the case, no Gu left. I only knew this could happen by listening to race reports. 

Thus, in the second half of the race I downed my last of the Gu and some water and I just went for it. I paced myself off a lady just ahead of me. I felt sorry for her she had relied on the Gu stop for her next energy serge so she was really feeling things hard. I then knew how lucky I was to have had advice from you guys. Tears began to fall from my eyes as I went up the ramp onto the M.C.G. (Melbourne Cricket Grounds) Stadium. The grass was so soft on my feet.

What a life experience I had just been through! 21.1klm completed! I have come out of this with more confidence than I have ever had. My mind was tired from all the focus but well worth it. All the training had worked. I had no idea what my official time was till a few days after. I had Gun time,Net time and watch time. Until you had explained it to me I didn’t realize what I had just done. Then Brandon said I had negative splits I was thinking at that stage is there anything else you guys can confuse me with LOL.

What a journey I have been on. I Thank You for your support and confidence.
Kindest Regards

P.S. I did have to jump over a guy that had dropped his Gu . He stopped right in front of me and bent down to pick it up. Thank goodness I was aware of the 2,000+ people coming behind me I jumped him and luckily missed a parked car and just kept on going.

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