Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Session - 4/22/09

I was looking forward to last night night's workout. I missed the 2 workouts because of Passover so I wanted to get one last speed workout in before NJM. I noticed there were a lot of new faces there last night. It's great to see fellow runners trying to get faster.

Last night's workout was 2x800 @5K pace, 2x600 @3k pace, and 2x400 @mile pace. The traffice lights agreed with us last night so we got to the track earlier than expected. Joe, the pacer for the 6:30 group, imediately told his group that they'd be doing a 1200 before the 800s. That gave my pacer, Tiffany, the idea of running an extra 800. Great!

Here are the splits for the workout:
800s: 3:23, 3:29, 3:31. Tiffany felt the first one was too fast so she slowed us down for the last 2.
600s: 2:30, 2:29
400s: 1:30, 1:31

By the time we got to the 400s, I was really struggling. My legs felt like jello but I grinded through it.

This was a good workout to say goodbye to Nike Speed for a while. It kicked my ass, but it restored some confidence that was missing. I've blogged recently about feeling undertrained for NJM. After last night, I feel a lot better. On the cooldown back to Paragon I talked to Joe about feeling undertrained. He reassuered me that I've put in the miles, that I've been coming to Nike Speed regularly, and said that I'd do great on May 3. I really needed the boost.

Starting next week, I'll be taking a break from Nike Speed until early June. I will start running about a week after NJM but the pacers suggested I take about a month off before I come back.

I'm not going out of my mind yet with the taper. I have a feeling that will come next week.

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Anonymous said...

Ari you are totally trained for your marathon, I think you are going to really surprise yourself with the time you pull out.

Yeah, at least a month off of speed work after the marathon, no need to risk injury or prolonged fatigue. Trust me!!