Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In a word, STUNNING

I'm talking about the new Yankee Stadium. I went to my first game in the new park tonight and I was blown away. The things that impressed me the most were The Great Hall and the open concourses. You can now see the field while waiting on line at the concession stands. It's hard to describe in words what the place looks like so I'll share with you my pictures.

The Yanks won tonight 5-3. Pettitte pitched a good game, Brett Gardner made a great catch in center field, Damon hit a home run, and Rivera got the save.

Update: I forgot to mention it was also the first night game in the new park.

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Cowboy Hazel said...

I went to my first game at the new stadium Tuesday night as well but I had the opposite reaction. I really don't like it. It just seems fake and lacks energy. Maybe it was the bad weather, but it seemed like there was a ton of empty seats and the people there weren't even that into the game. They were all talking about the food, etc. I'd happily head back across the street to the old ballpark, but that's not going to happen...