Friday, April 17, 2009

Back From Vacation

It's good to be home and it looks like I've brought some warm weather up north. Here's what I've been up to while away:
  • Passover is a big eating holiday. What kind of son would I be if I turned down mom's cooking? I ate way more than I usually do at home but that's to be expected. I feel a jiggly around the middle but it was worth it.
  • My calf is feeling a lot better. Before I left, my darling wife got me a foam roller and what a difference it made. It's something every runner should have on hand.
  • I managed to run 25 miles this week. I ran 8.06 miles in 1:06:13 (8:04 pace) on Sunday, 10.58 miles in 1:23:59 (7:56 pace) on Monday, and 6.66 miles in 55:08 (8:17 pace) on Tuesday.
  • I was hoping to get a 18 or 20 miler in while I was away but it was too damn hot. I started my runs every day at 6:00 a.m. with temps in the low 70's and high humidity. It got very hot very quickly so I bagged on the long run.
  • In non-running news, my fantasy baseball team is in last place. Trevor Hoffman and Joe Mauer started the season on the DL and Brandon Webb, Dice-K, and Alex Gordon were placed on the DL while I was away. I've had limited internet access while I was away, so the waiver wire is pretty thin now. You really have to be on top of things from the day the season started until the day it ends. People always say that baseball is a marathon and not a sprint. Hopefully things will get better.
The New Jersey Marathon is 2 weeks from Sunday. I should be starting my taper on Sunday but I'm very tempted to run 18 or 20 on Sunday to make up some lost miles. Is this a good idea or should I run 15 or 16 instead?


Cowboy Hazel said...

You'd be better off to stick with the taper, I think. The rest it will bring is more important than any added endurace the extra long run might build up.

Good luck on the fantasy team. There have been a bunch of early season injuries. I'm 3rd in mine now, but as you say, it's a very long season. I just won my fantasy hockey league, so hopefully that good luck will stay with me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job on getting the running in during holiday and in the hot weather.

Just taper - you've already put in enough miles. Also, I don't think you should do any more than 10 in the weekend before a marathon...