Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Totals for March

Total # of Runs: 17
Total Distance: 138.8 miles
Total Time: 19:14:24

Avg. Pace/mile: 8:19
Avg. Distance: 8.2 miles

This was my peak training month. I did 1 20 miler (I was hoping to get in a second but the weather did not cooperate), 1 14 miler, and 2 13 milers. I'm noticing the benefits of the Nike Speed sessions. I'm feeling a lot stronger on my shorter distance runs.

April will be a challenging month. I have at least one, maybe 2, 20 milers planned. There will be days where I do not run because of Passover. Once Passover is over, it's taper time. The New Jersey Marathon is May 3.

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