Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Session - 4/1/09

The weather had been kind of crappy all day with on and off rain and wind. I seriously debated not going last night but I really wanted to get the speed workout in knowing that I would be missing the next 2 workouts because of Passover. Last night's workout was described by Coach Kate as a strength building workout and would consist of (for my group) a 1600m, followed by a 2000m, followed by a 1600m all at 5k pace. We were back on the track again after last week's tempo run on the West Side. When left Paragon for the run to the track it was raining pretty steadily. For a few moments I thought about turning around and going home but, for some strange reason, I decided to stick with it.

The rain slowed to a drizzle once we got to the track. After some stretching, Pacer Tiffany was ready to pace my group. We did the first 1600m in 6:59:53, right on pace. The 2000m was hard. This was the longest interval I've done since I started Nike speed. We finished the 2000m in 8:45:98. Finally the last 1600m. Brad took over for Tiffany and paced us through the first 3 laps. He then peeled off and me another runner did the last lap ourselves. I let the other runner take the lead as my shoes were wet and heavy. We finished the last 1600m in 6:49:92 10 seconds faster than the first! Without a doubt, this was the hardest workout we've done so far. I'm happy I decided to stick with it. Here is a link to the workout Wednesday Night Speed Session

I've developed friendships with some of the runners in the group. Now that our spring races are upon us, we won't be together for a while. JD is running Boston, TK, if her injured hammy heals, will hopefully be running London, and I will be running New Jersey. Hopefully we will all come back to the track once we are fully recovered and ready to start training for our fall races.


The Laminator said...

Hey! Got your comment. Hope your training for Jersey goes well. We can make arrangements to meet up when it gets closer.

Anonymous said...

Ansky I know! It has been so cool to see you get faster & stronger! I remain optimistic I will be able to participate in the London Marathon, even if it means not "racing" it. I may not run a fall marathon but I will definitely need the Nike Pacers as part of my recovery. I'll see you on the track soon enough. And Happy Passover!