Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speedwork with SpeedySasquatch - Week 2

SS promised the gang an easier workout since all of us ran the Manhattan Half Marathon 2 days before. There were fewer of us this week as some decided not to do speedwork. Fortunately, EG and EH were there to pace me. The workout was pretty simple, 1mi warm-up followed by 6x3mi "surges" with 2 minute recovery in between.

It was the ideal recovery workout after a hard effort on Sunday. The surges were just enough to get the blood pumping but it wasn't overly taxing on the body. Once again, the three of us worked together during the surges to run a comfortably hard pace we could all maintain. With 10 seconds left in the last surge, EH showed off her finishing kick. That girl's got quite a kick. Turns out we got some good mileage in last night, 7.06mi in 1:04:09. This includes the warm-up, cool-down, and 2 minute recoveries.

Next week SS promised a painful workout. I think I might have a doctor's appointment or some other previous obligation.

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