Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not My Best Run

It's funny how things can change in the span of a week. Last week, I set a new half marathon PR on a tough course. Today, I didn't have my best run. I knew I was in for a less than stellar run when I had some GI issues before even leaving the house. I decided to run in Saddle River County Park. This is one of Bergen County's (NJ) largest parks with almost 16 miles of car free running paths. I knew I was in for a less than stellar run when some GI problems delayed my leaving the house by half an hour.

Coach Jeff has been helping me putting together a training plan that will get me to the start line of the Pocono Mountain Marathon in tip-top shape. Today's long run call for a zone 2 heart rate run with 3 minute pick-ups every 20 minutes. I wanted to run in where there were no cars so I wouldn't be hindered by stopping at red lights and other issues cause by bad drivers. I got to the park, and that's where fail #2 took place. I turned on my Garmin and saw the words "battery low." Really? I must have forgotten to charge it before I left. Without a watch, I had to guesstimate when to start and stop the pick-ups. There were some lingering GI problems and I think I overdressed. I should have gone with 3 layers instead of of 4. I ran 9 miles in 1:20 (8:53/mi). Thank you to you everyone that helped me find a silver lining and offered words of encouragement. It still amazes me how many of you offered kind words when I haven't even met you. This is what training is for. I'm going to have bad days but the only day that really matters is May 16.

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