Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Workout: 7/22/09

Last night was one of the "off Wednesdays" where instead of going to the E. 6th St. track we did a tempo run on the West Side Highway rec path. The humidity was high and I could tell during the warm-up from Paragon that I was feeling slow and my asthma was acting up a little. Until now, I did all of my workouts with the 7:00/mi (for a 5k) group. Last night I decided to run with the 7:30/mi group. Lauren, who by the way won her age group in last Saturday's NYRR race, paced my group. I made the right decision running with this group. The first 2 miles of the run felt very comfortable. Lauren picked up the pace for the last 2 and this is where the humidity started to get to me. I just told myself that it's OK not to be at the front of the group. I ran at a pace that was comfortable to finish the workout. My Garmin did not record the workout since the memory was full and I needed to delete some older run to free up some memory. I think I finished the tempo run in approximately 31:30 which comes out to 7:53/mile. Not bad considering the humidity.

Based on last night, I will probably drop down to the 7:30 group for the remainder of the summer. The humidity is high and the last thing I need is to end up in the ER with an asthma attack. I'd rather have a quality workout than a crappy one or something worse.

Lastly, it was great to see some familiar faces back at Nike Speed. I haven't seen EN, JD, or JN since our spring marathons. Also, it was nice to meet Jenna who was trying out Nike Speed for the first time.


jenna is awkward said...

it was so nice to meet you too! thanks for running the warm up with me. i'm glad i wasn't the only one feeling the heat! but i saw you on your run back and you looked great! good job!

430orbust said...

I agree it is a smart move to scale it back a little in the humidity. Last night and today were pretty rough.

It IS also OK not to be at the front of the group! Just getting the hard work in is what counts...

Michelle said...

Very nice Ari - I was so upset to have had to miss the speed workout. I will try to be at all the next ones going forward!!

Hope to see you in 2 weeks bro!!!