Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soupy Sunday

Today was the first real oppresively humid day in Teaneck. I opened the dorr around 6:30 and the humidity just hit me in the face.The goal for today was 7 -8 miles at a nice easy pace. I ran a local route through some neighboring towns at what felt like a comfortable pace. I slowed on the one big hill but recovered nicely when the terrain flatened out again. I foud myself drinking more today than I usually do during an 8 miler. When I finished, my my singlet, visor, and shorts were all drenched in sweat.I stretched and hydrated some more and headed home to get on with the rest of my day. All in all, it was a good run, 7.80 miles in 1:06:03 for a 8:28 pace.

After I showered and ate breakfast, we headed out to the New York Hall of Science in Queens, we came home had an ealry dinner at our favorite kosher sushi joint in town, then headed over to Barnes and Noble so my daughter could pick out a free book. She earned it by reading 8 books. All she had to was bring in a sheet listing the books she read and she able to pick out a free book from a pre-selected list. The day ended at home with the 3 of us enjoying some ice cream sandwiches .

2 final things:
1) Congrats to Brandon and Scott for completing the New York City Triathlon. It was not easy day to be out there.
2) Happy birthday to my daughter who turned 8 today. She will be celebrating her birthday with her friends next Sunday at the local bowling alley. She is my biggest fan. In fact, tomorrow is sports fan day at her day camp. Most kids will be wearing Derek Jeter, David Wright, Eli Manning, etc..jerseys. What is my daughter doing? She's wearing a t-shirt from 1 mile run I ran with her with one of my old bibs pinned to it. How awesome is that?

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NY Wolve said...

That is awesome about your daughter wearing your shirt. I have a nine year old, and I would just melt if she did it.

Good run on a crazy day here too.