Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Session 6/24/09

Last night's workout was a "ladder" workout: 800m/1200m/1600m/1200m/800m. Before we started Coach Kate said we'll be running the first 3 intervals at 5k pace and the last 2 at 3k pace. The goal was to help work on our strength at the end of a race when we are feeling tired.

Here's how the workout unfolded:
800m: 3:30
200m recovery
1200m: 5:11
200m recovery
1600m: 6:56
400m recovery
1200m: 5:06
800m: 3:24

This workout kicked my ass. I was so tired at the end that the run back to Paragon felt hard.

It was a pretty soupy night in NYC and the humidity started to affect my asthma. It was quite a chore running the last 1200 & 800 faster than the first. But I did it and that's all the matters.


jenna is awkward said...

wow! that sounds like a great workout! great job :)

Anonymous said...

Way to hang in there and gut it out.

I don't have asthma, but I do find the humidity to be a big problem in summertime, which is why I do my speed training in the fall and winter. For me, even a simple 4 mile run yesterday afternoon was hard :)

DailyRunner said...

Nice job with the strong finishes. I think the humidity made the run feel a little harder also.