Sunday, June 14, 2009

Local Running

During my training for the New Jersey Marathon, I spend a lot of time running in a county park. This park was one of the few spaces near my house that was usually clear of snow and had bathrooms open year round. I've been using the past few weeks to re-acquaint myself with some of the local routes I ran during my training for Marine Corps 2008 and New York City 2007. It's interesting to see how some things change. Houses that were previously under construction are now occupied, the public library re-paves its parking lot, a school installs field turf on it's fields, etc...

Today I ran a 7.66mi local route. Most local routes I run will have its share of hills. It's just the nature of where I live. I ran at a nice easy pace, finishing the run in 1:01:37 for a 8:02 pace. This coming Sunday I'm running the NYRR Father's Day 5 miler in Central Park. Even though, I've been doing my weekend runs at an easy pace, I know that I can turn it up when I have to. Last Thursday's JP Morgan Corporate Challenge is proof of that. Despite the crowds, I was able to average 7:04/mi. I'm looking forward to Sunday's race and what comes after it, a Father's Day BBQ!

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