Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Update

June is usually the time in a fantasy baseball season where the league settles down and managers begin to ask themselves "what do I need to do win this year." During April and most of May, teams can move up and down the standings on any given day. Case in point, my fantasy team. At the end of April I was in last place. As-of tonight, I am in second place, 2 points out of first place. Considering with how poorly my team started and all of the injuries I had, I'm very happy with how things are going so far.

Offensively, I'm being powered by Joe Mauer, Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzales, and Carlos Beltran. Truthfully, most of my offensive players have been productive. The only disappointment right now would be Vernon Wells. I had a higher hopes for him. Ryan Theriot started off well but is fizzling out recently. Thankfully Jhonny Peralta is hot right now.

Pitching has been a challenge. I've had my share of injuries. At point I had Webb, Dice-K, Wang, Volsquez, and Soria all on the DL. During that time, I managed to pick up some 2nd and 3rd tier pitchers who have been pitching very well such as Jurrjens, Volstad, Edwin Jackson. Matt Cain and Derrek Lowe have pitched really well and Trevor Hoffman is pitching like the "Hells Bells" pitcher we knew in San Diego. I decided to drop Wang when he came off the DL. So far that is looking like a good decision. I'm holding on to Dice-K for now. Soria came off the DL this week so I'm hoping he can contribute right away. If Webb and Volsquez come off the DL and pitch well I should be in good shape.

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Michael said...

I enjoy your blog. Looking forward to running with you in the near future.