Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sticking With What Works

Since I am still recovering from the NJ Marathon, I thought I'd try getting my miles in during lunch time. I realized yesterday, that it simply was not working out. Wokr kept getting in the way, and when I did managed to sneak out,I constantly felt rushed, and my favorite lower Manhattan runnig routes were crowded with tourists, and other people escaping from their offices during lunchtime. This morning I woke up at 5 am, caught the bus to the Port Authority, and then the subway downtown. Today was was one of those picture perfect mornings in the city. The temperatures were cool and the skies were blue. My legs took me to the Brooklyn Bridge. I was so happy to be back on the bridge. There were no tourists trying to line up the perfect picture, no power walkers, and very few messengers on bicycles. Just me, some other runners, and some great views of the city.

Later in the day a co-worker mentioned that I've been walking around with a permanent smile on my face all day. Even though I was bening pulled in every direction at work, I told him I was in a great mood because of my run this morning.


Anonymous said...

Nice - I like running the Brooklyn Bridge too, but it is IMPOSSIBLE on weekends, or after work, and it sounds like lunchtime as well when the weather is nice. Between casual walkers and screaming bikes, it is, simply put, dangerous.

Good to hear you can run the bridge in the morning.

Robert James Reese said...

I love the lunchtime runs but have been finding myself switching to more morning runs lately too. It's nice to have that extra time to get in the longer miles without having to worry about rushing back to work.

DailyRunner said...

Been busy here at work as well. If you catch the bus to Port Authority, I'll run with you down the west side to work sometime if you're interested.