Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giving Something Back

I received an e-mail last week that a friend of some people who I sometimes run with was putting together a 5k run to Benefit Tori Lee. Tori is a 5-yr. old diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and needs to undergo chemotherapy for the next two years. When I saw this e-mail, I thought "this sucks, it's bad enough when an adult has to endure chemo, but a 5 year old! No way! Children should not have to be put through something like that" I sidelined my plans on running 6 miles today and made the short drive to Englewood to participate in this run. There was no certified course, no official times, just people coming out to run or walk 3.1 miles and making a donation to the Tori Lee Foundation.

My friend JH came down from Riverdale to particpate. He's been trying to break the 25:00 mark in a 5k so I offered to pace him. The splits and how I felt during this run really don't matter the only thing that mattered about today's run was that I was able to support a good cause and JH was able to run a sub 25:00 5k run.

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Joe said...

Thanks again for the pace...definitely helped me break 25:00! There's something cool about being able to help runners who are not yet at your level. I've taken a few guys out over the past couple of weeks that are slower than me - and it's nice to be able to push them to achieve their best...thanks again!