Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who is that Masked Man?


No, I'm not about to hold up a 7-11 and the only thing strapped around my chest is my heart rate monitor. I wear the mask in sub-30 degree weather to help with my asthma. I've found the wearing the mask warms the air before I suck it in. Sucking in extremely cold air triggers my asthma and makes it difficult to run. I do occassionaly pull it down because it is kind of restrictive but it definitely helps me in the cold weather.

Oh yeah about the run.... I headed to Votee without any real distance in mind. I just wanted to get out there and see I how I would do in the cold. In the end, I ran 8.14 miles in 1:05:47 for an 8:04 pace. I'm really looking forward to my Turkey Trot on Thursday. I've running park loops for a while now, it'll be nice to get out on the road.


Ashland Dave said...

catching up a bit on your blog. It's very good and full of good information. About the mask, how hot does it get? The temps in Virginia probably aren't as cold as NY I'm sure but some Saturday mornings my fave gets so numb I have a hard time speaking to other runners.

Just wondering if I should try it. Is it easy to breathe through? I guess so if you have asthma.


Ashland Dave

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