Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Night's Speed Workout

Since many in the group will be running Grete's Great Gallop this Saturday, Coach Bob decided to take it easy on us. Tonight's workout was a 4 mile tempo run. We began on East Drive at Engineer's Gate, ran down to the 72nd St. tranverse, across the transverse and up West Drive to the 102nd St. transverse, across the 102nd St. transverse and finished up where we started on East Drive and 90th St.

The battery on my Garmin died during the run so I don't have a workout to upload to I did hear the coach call out 29:11 as I finished the run. This translates to 7:17/mile. Clearly, I ran this faster than my tempo pace. I guess I felt then need to make up for 2 days of not running. With 3 weeks before MCM I'm feeling pretty good. I'm looking forward to a solid 15 miler on Sunday and an enjoyable taper.

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