Sunday, October 26, 2008

OORAH!: Ansky Runs MCM

I wanted to post a quick entry about MCM tonight. I will post a more detailed (with pictures) race report later in the week.

Overall MCM was a great experience, I finished in 3:55:08. My goal was to finish in under 4 hours, so I am thrilled that I was able to accomplish that goal. There is no question I was much better prepared for MCM that I was for NYC in 2007. My wife has a lot to with that. She really focused on my nutrition and made sure I was well nourished in the weeks leading up the race. Aside from a blister or 2 on my feet and what I think is a bruised or cracked rib (more on this in the detailed report), I have no major aches or pains.

More to come later.

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DailyRunner said...

Aaron, once again, great job :-)