Sunday, October 19, 2008

1 Week to Go

I woke up this morning at 5:00 hoping to get out around 6:00. I looked outside at my thermometer and saw it was right around 40. I went upstairs and grabbed my Addidas ClimaWarm long sleeve tech shirt and Swix gloves. I puttered around the house trying to get myself motivated to head out in the cold. Finally around 6:20 I said enough is enough and I headed out the door. The initial blast of cold air hit me like a ton of bricks. By the time I reached the friendly confines of Votee Park, I was warmed up and feeling great. Suddenly is wasn't so cold.

I really did not push the pace today. I ended up running 9.47 miles in 1:19:05 which averages out to 8:20/mile. There was a time when I thought 8:20/mile was pushing the pace. Now it feels easy. I'll probably do a few shorter runs during the week before I head down to D.C. Thursday night after work.

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