Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going Loopy

As you can see Friday's run:

and today's run:

were very similar. Votee Park is largest park in my town. It's not particularly scenic or challenging. I run there when I want to keep my runs simple and close to home. What I like about is that there are year-round port-a-potties available which makes it a good and safe place to run in the winter.

My biggest concern during my taper is getting to MCM healthy. I've put in the miles so I know I can cover the distance. So many of my friends have been coughing and sneezing. Yesterday in synagogue the sounds of sniffling were just as common as those of prayer. I've been taking extra vitamin C, trying (I emphasize trying) to get to bed early, and reduce the amount of stress in my life. My wife is also adjusting my diet to include more foods that strengthen my immune system. Extra fruits and veggies, and red meat, etc...

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DailyRunner said...

Hey Aaron, it looks like you're doing everything to stay healthy so I hope you do. Incidentally, I got sick last week. As soon as I knew it was coming, I took extra time to sleep, packed my diet with lots more greens, took Airborne every 6 hrs, vitamin pills, and lots of relaxation. Must have worked because this was the shortest period I'd ever held a cold/flu - about 5 days. I must have caught it from someone in the office. STAY AWAY FROM ANYONE THAT IS REMOTELY SICK :-)