Monday, March 1, 2010

Totals for February 2010

Total # of Runs: 14
Total Distance: 117.9mi
Total Time: 17:07

Avg. Distance: 8.4mi
Avg: Time: 1:13:25
Avg. Pace/mi: 8:43

My training was kicked up a few notches in February. Every run that Coach Jeff assigned had a specific purpose. Road intervals, Yasso 800s, long runs with Fartleks, long runs with hills, etc... Even my recovery runs had a purpose. Now that it's March, the training really begins. My runs for this week looks like this:
Tuesday: Yasso 800s - pick a steady pace marathon goal and hit all 8 with it.
Wednesday: Steady Zone 2 recovery run
Thursday: Road Intervals - Warm in zone 2 or medium effort for 8 minutes. Then run 6x8 minutes in zone 4 or at a hard exertion level really push. recover for 2 minutes between each.
Friday:  steady zone 2 recovery run
Sunday Long Run, 2:45: Nice steady zone 2 run. Push a little harder the last 4 minutes. Lets teach the body to respond when you need it too.

Passover starts at the end of March, not only are there days where I'm forbidden to run, but there are also some nutritional challenges, especially during a long run. I'll talk more about those as the holiday gets closer.

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