Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thaw, Refreeze, Repeat

That's kind of what I'm dealing with these days. See, the temperatures during the day have been warm enough to start melting the snow from last week's storm. However, it's still been quite cold at night causing whatever melted during the day to refreeze and form many slick spots on the road. In case you are reading for the first time, I am an early morning runner. For now that means that some or all of my mid-week runs are done in the dark. The last thing I need is to slip and break another rib (or worse) while out on one of my faster mid-week runs. This, plus the fact that my local high school track is still buried under a few inches of snow, adds up to me spending more time than I would like on the treadmill. I've grown to accept the  treadmill for what it is, a tool. Doing speedwork or road intervals on the treadmill is somewhat enjoyable. I would much rather run outside, but safety always comes first.

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