Friday, March 19, 2010


5 days after Saturday's unnamed hurricane came through, power was finally restored to my house. Thankfully my parents live nearby so we have been living with them since Monday. While many of the fallen trees have been cleared, there is a lot of work going on repairing utility poles, traffic lights, and clearing debris. There are still plenty of streets that are closed because of ongoing work and low hanging wires. As you can imagine, it's been tough getting outside for a quality run. Here's what I've been up to since Sunday:

Sunday, March 14: This was the end of my recovery week. Coach Jeff planned an easy 1:30 run in zone 2. It was too dangerous to run outside on Sunday. The storm had just moved out, there were trees all over the place, traffic signals were out, you get the idea. There was no way I could run outside. Amazingly my gym was open. It is located in the business district where the wiring is underground. The cable was out, but I had some podcasts to catch up on which helped the time go by. I did 10.9 miles in 1:30. Nice and easy.

Monday, March 15: was a cross training day, core, upper body, legs, a total body workout as Jeff calls it.

Tuesday, March 16: Tuesdays are usually speed day. The only safe place to run outside was the high school track. This week's workout was 10 x 800. Unfortunately, I only had time to complete 6 as it takes longer to travel to and from the track from parents house. My fastest was 3:26 and the slowest was 3:31. Had there been more time, I would have been able to complete all 10.

Wednesday, March 17: 1 hour recovery run. Not safe to run outside so I hit the treddy again for 6.6 miles in just over an hour.

Thursday, March 18; My assigned run was 9mi with 6 x 600. It was a beautiful evening in NYC so I decided to run after work. I ran up from office in the Financial District to the E. 6th St. track for my interval. I went out way too fast on the first one (2:21). My other 5 were between 2:27 and 2:31. After the intervals, I took the 10th St. bridge, ran up 10th to University and ended my run at 23rd and Broadway.  There was some bobbing and weaving around Union Square as it was packed with people eating outside and enjoying the nice weather. I think my Garmin had a brain fart somewhere along the way, it clocked my mile 2 split at 4:XX. I am not that fast. Total mileage on the Garmin was 8.5 in 1:03. I think it was more like 8 miles. Still a quality run.

Today, March 19: Nice and easy recovery outside in my 'hood, 6:67mi in 1 hour. Nice and easy, just like the coach ordered.

That's my week in a nutshell. I'm happy that my power is back and to be sleeping in my own bed again. The weather should be glorious all weekend. I'm excited for my 2:45 long run. Spring racing season is in full force. Good luck to everyone racing in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Georgia, Virginia Beach, and NYC.

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