Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Solid Long Run & Congratulations

I had another solid long run yesterday. My assigned run was 2:45 in zone 2. It took me a while to warm up, my first 5 miles were 9:55, 9:21, 9:10, 8:56, and 9:10.  After mile 5 I found my rhythm and settled into a nice pace. Thankfully, I didn't experience significant GI issues as I had in the recent past. Fueling and hydration went well. There really isn't that much to say, other than it was a solid run, 19.05 miles in 2:45:21 (8:41 avg. pace). With the Pocono Mountain Marathon 7 weeks away, my confidence is definitely building. My family will be traveling to Boca Raton, Florida for Passover which starts a week from tonight. I'll be taking some extra days off due to travel and religious restrictions that prevent me from running. I've discussed it with Coach Jeff and he planned my next 2 weeks around it.

Lastly, congratulations to all of my friends that raced this past weekend. I don't want to risk leaving someone out so consider this a global congratulations to everyone that raced in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach, Georgia, and New York City.  You all kicked some serious asphalt!

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