Friday, February 26, 2010

Wreaking Havoc

Just when we finally thawed out from the last snow storm, Mother Nature decided she wasn't quite ready fro spring. Another snow storm is currently dumping over a foot of snow on the NYC Metro area. This weather is wreaking havoc on many of us that are training for spring marathons. In addition, I will be celebrating the Jewish festival of Purim this Sunday. It is a festive holiday that I enjoy celebrating with my family. Because of the religious observances attached to Purim, I will not be able to run long on Sunday. In order to get my long run in, I planned to run to work on Thursday, do road intervals on Friday, and do a 40 - 50 minute recovery run Sunday morning.

Whatever it is they say about the best laid plans, it's true. I woke up Thursday morning to steady rain. I decided that running 1:45 to work in cold rain was not a good idea. The last things I needed were blisters and a cold. During my commute to work, the rain changed to snow, the storm had arrived! I brought running clothes with me hoping to sneak in some miles in the company gym during lunch. I had tons of work to do but I need to get away so I said "to hell with it" and went up to the gym. Since there was a lot of stress and frustration built up inside of me, I decided on the road intervals. The workout called for 4 x 8minute intervals in zone 4 with 2 minute recovery in between. I did an easy 8 minute warm up I cranked up the treadmill to about a 7:45 pace for each of the 4 intervals. It felt good run hard and release the stress and tension from the morning.

When I woke up this morning, there was at least 8-9 inches on the ground. I got my first workout of the day by shoveling. Once I was dug out (for the time being), I drove to the gym hoping to get a run in before I had to work. It was not meant to be. The owner of the gym was outside clearing the snow and his staff could not make it in to open up. I've been working from home all day and Lil Ansky had a snow day from school. Mrs. Ansky had to go in since she is a health care professional. With a Shabbat approaching, it looks like getting some miles in today is not going to happen. This makes getting some miles in on Sunday all the more important. I know I won't be able to run long, but I need to get something in.  Hopefully the roads will be safe to run outside.

We'll see what next week brings. I can see Coach Jeff sitting in his studio thinking of how many ways during the week he can kick my ass.

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