Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy Recovery Run

Due to a major snow storm in our area the powers that be in my office instructed us to work from home today. I fully expected to wake up to blizzard like conditions and, if I wanted to run, would need to do crank out some miles in the gym. So imagine my surprise when I looked outside at 6:00 to light snowfall and maybe an inch or 2 on the ground. Thanks to the encouragement of several other early risers on Twitter, I got dressed and left the house excited for a run in the snow.

Votee Park, my town's largest park, has a 1.2 mile loop. I decided to run there since there were some cars on the road I didn't want to be anywhere near them in case they spun out. I had a recovery run on tap for today so I was truly able to enjoy my time outside. I enjoyed the "crunch" sound my feet made coming down in the snow, making fresh footprints, and most importantly the looks I got from people in their cars. I saw lot of shaking heads as if they were saying to me "you're nuts." I looked back at them thinking to myself that it was probably easier getting around on foot than with wheels.

I came home invigorated from a 6mi run in 51:59 (8:40 pace) ready to balance a day of telecommuting, entertaining Lil Ansky, and multiple shovelings.

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