Monday, December 14, 2009

Chanukah Special: 8 Things I Love About Running

Night 4:  Seeing Places From a Different Perspective

Most of us fail to notice to our surroundings are we are speeding by in our cars. Being out on a run affords us an opportunity to not only take notice but also to appreciate our neighborhoods. As most of you know by now, I do almost all of my running early in the morning before I leave for work. One of the many things I love about running during the pre-dawn hours is being able to see my neighborhood wake up. I notice so many things about my neighborhood that I otherwise would not have had noticed had I not been on foot. Houses being built, being put on the market, construction progress of new businesses, etc...

My favorite pre-work run in New York City is on the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. There is no better time of day to run on the bridges than early in the morning. Any runner who has done this run during lunch or after work, finds themselves dodging other walkers, runners, or tourists. Early in the morning, the views of Lower Manhattan, Lady Liberty, and Brooklyn, are amazing and there are no crowds to deal with. Regardless of how fast you run, it's hard not to take notice.

During my last run with TK, a major rain storm passed through the night before. The skies were still cloudy but traces of sun were visible in the distance. When we passed the Intrepid, she commented that the scene before us reminded her of a scene from a naval thriller (Think Hunt for Red October). Further south on the West Side Highway, she commented that even Jersey looked good. These are the types of things we notice when we're running. I doubt the same comment would be made if we were speeding down the West Side Highway at 60mph. 

Happy Chanukah!

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