Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chanukah Special: 8 Things I Love About Running

Night 2: Eating Anything (well, almost anything)  I want
When I am at the peak of a marathon training cycle, I am constantly eating. A handful of nuts here, a bowl of ice cream there, a cookie, you name it, I eat it (except for egg salad and melon). On more than one occasion, Mrs. Ansky has asked me what happened to the leftovers in the fridge. She's seriously considering leaving me notes "OK to eat" and "Not OK to eat." 

This is also particularly relevant this time of year. Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, or nothing at all, we find ourselves surrounded by food. Co-workers are bringing in baked goods and candy, and don't forget the holiday parties. Running alleviates a lot of the guilt many of us feel by having an extra plate at the buffet, a 2nd helping of dessert, or an extra cocktail (yes, cocktails have calories too). Our annual family Chanukah party is Sunday afternoon. I will have no problem indulging in Mom's potato latkes and a jelly doughnut or 2 especially after a 10 mile run.

Happy Chanukah!

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