Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed Workout - 8/12/09

Wednesday night's speed workout was a downward ladder. In short a downward ladder workout is one where the distance of the interval decreases but the intensity increase. I was hoping to bounce back after last week's incomplete workout. I was unsure if I should even do the workout since I gave blood the day before. The Running Laminator discussed the topic from a medical perspective. Others on Twitter said I should try the workout but I would feel the effects of the blood donation.

It was hard to gague how I felt during the warm-up so I joined my usual 7:00/mi group. The workout started with 1600m at 5k pace. I felt OK but defintely felt myself working harder than usual. Split time for the 1600 was 6:56. After a 400m recovery the group started the 1200m. This is where I started to fall behind. I decided then and there not to push to keep up with the group but rather to finish the interval at a comfortable pace. 1200m split was 5:19. After another 400 recovery came the 800. Again, I ran my own pace and did the 800 in 3:30 which is about the same pace as the 800s I did last week. Not so bad. After the 800, I knew I couldn't push myself anymore so I skipped the 600 and started the cooldown back to Paragon.

I'm not going to hem and haw this week about how I didn't finish the workout. Rather I'll quote a Tweet TK sent me that night "Worth sacrificing a good workout for a good deed."

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NY Wolve said...

That is still a tough workout, much less after a blood donation. Making you stronger...