Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Weekend in 3 Parts: Part 3 - Six Flags Great Adventure

After my run on Sunday, my wife, daughter, and I drove down to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Our daughter earned a free ticket through a school reading program. Read for 6 hours and earn a free ticket. The staff activities office where I work offers half priced tickets so we only paid for one of our tickets. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Shortly after we left the house it started to rain. We thought about not going but our daughter's ticket expired on August 9th and she was really looking forward to going. It rained the whole time we were in the car and our daughter was starting to get disappointed that her special day would be ruined. Thankfully the rain stopped as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.

My wife is quite the thrill seeker so she was looking forward to riding the extreme coasters. I'm just the opposite, just looking at some of the rides scared me. Our daughter will go on anything she is tall enough for. She does like to watch the ride first to see if it's something she can handle. Just like the Disney parks in Orlando, Six Flags has characters walking around. We took pictures with Mr. Six, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Tazmanian Devil, Wiley E. Cayote. The Riddler (Riddle: What goes around the world but never leaves the corner?), and Pepe le Pew.

Here are the extreme coaster my wife went on:

El Toro


Great American Scream Machine

Rides we all went on:

Log Flume

Runaway Mine Train

Rolling Thunder
Fly Me to the Moon 3d Adventure
Parachute Training Center
Enchanted Teacups

While my wife was on Nitro, daughter and I took rides on:

The Big Wheel

Congo River Rapids. We went twice and got soaked. 
We enojyed Dippin Dots for a snack before lunch. I do not ear dairy after meat so we made sure to have our ice cream before lunch. I had cookie dough and our daughter had rainbow ice. The rainbow ice tasted like the ice pops I enjoyed as child from the Good Humor truck. Even though we packed food, we didn't feel like walking to the car for lunch so we took advantage of the Kosher food provider in the park and enjoyed a hot dog, falafel, and a hamburger. Even though it was pricey, we try like to support kosher food providers at amusement parks. If the kosher clientele does not suuport them, it would go out of business and our park experience would be less enjoyable. So thank you to Reuven Rachmani for an enjoyable lunch. 
We left the park around 7:00 p.m. and it started to rain again. Talk about getting lucky! Rain during the drive there and back but nothing in bertween. The food we didn't for lunch, came in handy on the way home.We were all hungry so we ate our sandwiches for dinner. We arrived home around 8:30 p.m. exhausted from a day of fun.

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Kristin Joy said...

Yeah!! Nice pictures!! Six Flags parks are full of adventure... I love their rides so much!!