Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedesday Night Speed Session - 2/4/09

It's been 3 weeks since my last speed session at Paragon. So it was with bated breath that I was anticipating last night's workout. I had a real stressful day at work and I was looking forward to releasing some steam.

Once again, the East 6th track was not runnable so last night's workout took place on the West Side Highway running path. Coach Kate described the workout as a "pyramid" workout. After warming up we ran "pickups" (slightly faster than 5K pace) of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes with 2 minute (except for the 1 minute pickup where we recovered for 1 minute) recoveries in between. I felt good throughout the entire workout and had no problem keeping up with Coach Kevin. All in all we ran about 7 miles. I had a hard time picking up a Garmin signal so I'm not going to share the details from MotionBased. When we got back to Paragon other runners in the group told me that I kicked ass.

The other highlight of the evening was meeting fellow running blogger, TK from Pigtails Flying. I had no problem picking her out; her trademark pigtails gave her away. We warmed up together and ran in the same pace group. For some reason she struggled with last night's workout. It was great putting a face to the blog. I'm looking forward to running with her at future workouts.

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pigtailsflying said...

Hi Ansky! thanks for linking to me. Yeah, been having it rough lately with the training; hopefully I will bounce back soon and get some of what y ou go goin' on! See you this week, too?