Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday Night's Speed Workout, Today's Run, and a Day of Wellness

Thursday night's speed workout consisted of 6 X 1/2 mile repeats starting on the East Drvie of Central Park at 99th St. We ran up to the 102nd St. Transverse and finished on the West Side of the transverse. After 1 mile warmup jog from the School to the 99th st. I began my first interval with the 7:30 - 8:00 minute/mile (for a 5K) group. Here are the splits for the workout:

Warmup: 1.07 miles in 9:02
Regroup: 5:23
Interval 1: 3:26
Recover: 2:36
Interval 2: 3:24
Recover: 2:51
Interval 3: 3:17
Recover: 2:38
Interval 4: 3:21
Recover: 3:20
Interval 5: 3:14
Recover: 2:46
Interval 6: 3:19
Recover: 2:06
Cool Down: 1.07 miles in 9.01
Total: 5.28 miles. Avg. Pace was 10:57 but that was becuase of the recovery times between intervals.

Today's objective was to get some solid recovery miles in. I woke up about 5:15, drank some water, had half a roll and headed out around 6:10. I wanted to keep it simple today so I decied to run loops in Votee Park. The loop is ~1.2 miles. I did 6 loops and ran home for a total of 7.85 miles in 1:04:27 which comes out t a 8:13 pace. I ended the week with 37.81 miles. I would have hot 40 if I didn't miss my run on Tuesday.

After the run, I showered, ate, and went to my chiropractor. He has really done wonders for me. I am pretty much pain free and much healthier because I go for frequent adjustments.

This is usually the point in my training cycle that I feel the need for a sports massage. My wfe found a massage therapist who make house calls. I must admit, some of it was painful, but I felt better after the hour. All in all it was a good day. I am feeling strong, motivated, and ready to tackle the next 6 weeks.

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DailyRunner said...

Of all the NYRR class workouts, the 800 repeats is the one I least favor, and by a huge margin. I can never seem to gauge the proper effort, and it hurts every time! Anyways, great job. Based on your times, I think you're setting up for a brisk marathon based on Yasso's repeats:,7120,s6-238-244-255-624-0,00.html