Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trust the Training

That's been my mantra all week. Earlier in the week, I was jittery, nervous, and full of self-doubt. Its funny how the taper can get into your head. My state of mind changed after my lunch run yesterday. I decided to run the Brooklyn Bridge during lunch. The weather wasn't great, chilly with temps in the mid 40s and light drizzle. The good news was that the bridge wasn't crowded which is a NYC runner's dream. On a nice day, the Brooklyn Bridge is packed with walkers, school groups, and tourists taking their sweet old time time lining up the perfect picture.

Yesterday's run was a 10 minute warm up followed by two 5 minute surges in upper zone 3. Even though it was a short run, something about it got me out of my funk. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was that I was only runner on the bridge, maybe it was running the up hill part of the bridge from Brooklyn to the middle of the span at a 7:43 pace. Who knows? Something about it, woke me up.

Is it time to race yet?

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