Friday, May 28, 2010

Product Review: Stuffitts Shoe Savers

The folks at Stuffitts Shoe Savers were nice enough to send me their product to try out. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not being compensated by Stuffitts. In return for the product I promised a honest review of the product.

Before I get to the review...what exactly are these foot shaped forms?
  • Stuffitts is a shoe saving product designed to get rid of moisture and odor.
  • Stuffitts uses 100% natural red cedar which wicks moisture upon contact.
  • The outer shell is made from a dual-wick fabric that moves moisture from the shoe and into the cedar-filled inner core. 
The Review
Since I got the Stuffitts, there hasn't been rain where I live. So for now, I cannot comment on how well Stuffitts dry out my shoes after running in the rain. What I will comment on is how well Stuffitts remove sweat and odor from not only my running shoes but from work and dress shoes as well.

Stuffitts are not just for running shoes. I've been putting them in my work shoes each night when I get home from work. Cotton dress socks do not breathe as well as technical running socks. Combine that with 30 minutes on the New York City Subway, and waiting on a stuffy platform waiting for a NJ Transit Bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal; and suffice it to say that my shoes do not smell like a bouquet of roses when I get home. I leave the Stuffitts in my shoes overnight and the next morning they smell like eastern red cedar, which is a heck of a lot better than stinky feet smell. I've used them in my running shoes as well. Regardless of what kind of sock you're wearing, your feet are still going to sweat and your shoes will smell. Stuffitts do a great job keeping my running shoes fresh as well.

Bottom Line: Stuffitts do a great job keeping any type of shoe dry and smelling great. I will definitely post a follow up review once I take my running shoes out for a rainy run or I get rained on on my way home work. Definitely check them out,   

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