Friday, April 1, 2011

Totals for March 2011

Total number of Runs: 14
Total Time: 16:22:16
Total Miles: 119.34

Average Time: 1:10:09
Average Distance: 8.52
Average Pace per Mile: 8:13

Miles Run to Date: 369.58

Not a bad month considering I missed 2 long runs in the month, 1 for Purim and the other because I was traveling to Denver. I didn't PR at Coogan's, but considering the hilly course and the rain, I was happy with the effort. I had 2 solid progression runs which really boosted my confidence. Both times I was able to run the last 5 miles of each run at sub-8:00 pace. I am starting to believe that, all things being equal, I can hit the goal that Jeff and I talked about on Monday.

What's up for April? I'll be racing the Indian Trails 15k on Sunday. Passover starts the evening of April 18. There will be several days where I can't run some because I'll be traveling to and from South Florida and others because I don't run on Yom Tov, basically the same reason why I don't on Saturdays. I just need to focus on the work Coach Jeff assigns and enjoy the time with my family.

Vermont City Marathon is 8 weeks from this Sunday.

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