Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday Night Speed: 9-16-09

What a difference a few weeks make. The last time I wrote about Nike Speed I was hemming and hawing about how I couldn't finish a workout for the third week in a row. August was a brutally hot month and the humidity was aggravating my asthma. For the past few weeks, life got in the way and I couldn't make it to the workouts. Well it's now September. For the most part, the mornings and evenings have been cool and crisp. Perfect running weather.

I didn't feel in 7:00 shape so I decided to drop down and join EN and others in the 7:30 group. The workout for our group was 1600, 2000, 1600 at 5k pace. I have to say that this was the best track workout I've had in while. My legs felt fresh and my asthma was under control, so much so that I was able to pick up the pace for the final 400 on the second 1600. Here are the splits:
1600: 7:18
2000: 9:16
1600: 7:11

The run back to Paragon did not go so well. Around 1st Ave., I REALLY needed to find a bathroom. I thought I saw one in a park across the street but it was locked. Thankfully a restaraunt on the corner was nice to enough to let me use their facilities. Thanks to EN for waiting for me. Then, a few blocks away from Paragon, I caught my foot in an uneven part of the sidewalk and SMACK! right into a lamp post. I saw that my kneee was bloody and when I got back to Paragon, I had a cut on my nose as well. When I got home, my right side started to hurt so much that I was screaming in pain if I bent down or twisted the wrong way. Today I woke up to a huge welt on my right arm and my side is still hurts pretty bad. I didn't workout today and won't tomorrow. With Rosh Hashana this weekend, I have 2 more days to rest. Hopefully by Monday I'll feel OK to run again.

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