Thursday, November 22, 2012

Race Report: Dick Meighan Memorial Run

This is the 5th year I've started Thanksgiving with the Dick Meighan Memorial Run in Upper Saddle River, NJ. The mood is always festive with many local high school runners on hand carrying on with their shenanigans and families running with their kids. I ran this race with Lil Ansky and had a great time. This year, she's a little banged up with a badly sprained ankle and a broken collar bone (done ask) so I was able to focus on running my own race.

The 5k is my least favorite distance but for some strange reason I was excited to race and push myself. Part of it has to do with the Team PRSFIT Coach's Challenge. It's a fun winter challenge that coaching staff put together to keep us motivated during the winter months. I'll explain how the challenge works in an upcoming post.

The start of the race was a bit messy with lots of runners lining up towards the front that had no business being there including many families with small children.It took a good 1/2 mile for me to get to where I wanted be in the pack and I was able to start pushing. I finished in 23:39 for a 7:37/mile average pace. Not bad for not racing a 5k in who knows how long. Thank you to the race organizers and volunteers for taking time out of your Thanksgiving morning and putting on a fun local race.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

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