Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Thoughts Before the NJ Marathon

Race day is is just over 3 days away. I've had a lot of people ask me this week "how are you feeling?" I'll try and answer that question by sharing some of thoughts and strategies for the race:

  • My goal time is 3:50. I don't want to aim too high and then be disappointed. I think 3:50 is realistic goal considering how I've trained. I'd rather be surprised than disappointed.
  • My mantra for this race is "run your own race." NJM is a 2 loop course. This means that the 5,000+ half marathoners will be running side by side with me for 13.1 miles. I have to cognizant that the half marathoners standing right next to me at the start line will go out at a faster pace. I cannot get caught up in that. If I do, my race report will be 3 letters every runner hates to see next to their race result DNF.
  • To help me along, I plan on utilizing the pacers. All of the pacer pace based on marathon finish times. I'll hang with the 3:50 pacer and if I feel good towards the end I'll let it fly.
So many of you have been so supportive during this training cycle. It has not been easy. I've had periods of doubt and frustration. I thank you for the words of encouragement. This blog has allowed to share my highs and lows with people who get how I'm feeling.

I know this weekend is a big race weekend across the country. To all of you who are racing this weekend, GOOD LUCK!

Lastly, NJM does not have remote runner tracking, so you will not be able to track my progress during the race. I will not be tweeting or updating my Facebook status during the race. I will be sure to share my unofficial time with all of you after the race. BRING IT ON!


Robert James Reese said...

It's always tough to set goals before the race. You don't want to go too high because then you run the risk of a DNF, but if you set the bar too low you'll finish feeling like you could have done better. The tough part's behind you now... Now all you have to do is run it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just don't rely on the pacers. I was running with the 3:10 group for the first few miles last year and their pace was varying wildly -- like a 30 second difference from one mile to the next, which was taking its toll on people -- I don't know if they came in on time or not.

Anonymous said...

Listen to me, Ari. You are going to blow that time away--I really think you should set an A goal for a faster time--say 3:45-- and keep 3:50 as your B goal. Your training has been going so well, and your speedwork has made you stronger & faster.

Just sayin'. I believe you can do it.


Unknown said...


Thank you so much for continuing to be such an amazing contributor to my site. I am so excited for your race this weekend! I also think that if you have thought out this race to the point that you will indeed "run your own race", no matter the outside influences. I hope the weather holds out a little bit for you and I look forward to your race report!!

To you, all the luck and blessings in the world!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Sunday. I'll be one of the runners doing the whole 26.2 with you (well, probably behind you!).